Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Three more old pictures…

And then I’ll let you go, I promise.

Xmas 1973:


3-year-old me - “Hey - you told me we were going to see the Rebbe!!!”


2-year-old Eli – can’t think of a caption pathetic enough to capture the expression in those eyes…


I have to say – they had much better winterwear for kids in those days – I’m not kidding.  This silvery thing was my favourite snowsuit EVER.  Look at this huge ring pull, chest zipper and metal belt buckle!


Probably developed by NASA – this was just a few years after the moon landing, and I sure looked like I could go there myself in this thing if I wanted to.

And look what’s on our feet:


Not boots, these are GALOSHES or something.  I think these are the ones:  they were warm and waterproof, and pulled right on over your shoes.

Anyway!  Enough nostalgia.  Except for two cute schoolday photos – probably Grade 1 and 2.

image image

In the Grade 1 photo, I am at my nadir (zenith?) of waifish, hollow-eyed skinniness.  In ballet, I remember thinking I looked like all pointy and not gracefully rounded at all; I just couldn’t make my elbows not look SHARP.  Ha ha ha.  I should only have such problems today…

This was my favourite shirt, all rows and hills and farmland.  Probably 100% polyester – as I know for a fact the Grade 2 shirt was.

Notice the stalk-straight hair in both shots.  My mother swears it was curly when I was a baby and got straight when I was sick.  Then it bounced back when I shaved it off at 18.  Don’t ask me how.

The Grade 2 shot is uncharacteristically cheerful.  These days, I make an effort to smile in pictures, but back then, a Mona Lisa smile was about the best I could usually come up with.  Too busy hating the world.