Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Random Blips from Naomi Rivka’s Slate

I’ve taken to snapping photos of whatever is on the whiteboards before I erase them.  (when I get around to erasing them!)  I am so happy that ALL the children love and use the whiteboards regularly (we have two now; a big one and a small one).

Here’s Naomi’s version of a trigonometry problem from Elisheva’s textbook.  The problem really does feature two pandas up trees, a way of making right-angle triangles seem fascinating, I suppose.

allen gdns 001

The Five Senses:  Tayst, Seyi (see), Her, Smel and Tahst (touch)

 allen gdns 002

And her version of a Dick and Jane story:  “Dik and Jan:  Dik get Sally, Mary, Mammy.  Spot is runig!”  With an illustration of the scene.

 allen gdns 013