Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Public Library Bookmark Contest

bookmarkFor our first “formal” school year, I decided this annual Toronto Public Library tradition was an Important Thing. 

Finally, today (in the time that was cleared when we no longer needed a dentist appointment!) we had a free moment, so I handed one of the entry blanks to her with the STRONG suggestion that she first draw her illustration in ink and then colour it in with something pale, like crayon.

She totally ran with it! 

She said, “I want to draw Laura Ingalls Wilder publishing all her books.”  (Of course she does!)

I said okay, and mentioned, “the bookmarks usually say something about READ or READING on them.”  “That’s okay,” she said, and went ahead and drew this: bookmark small

She was about to copy the name off the cover of a book, but I wrote it for her on the whiteboard.  She also asked me to write the word “books” on there, so I did.  That’s not cheating, right?

Afterwards, she showed me exactly which book was which.  Here’s the approximate correspondence – I don’t remember all of them – between the actual book covers and her drawings.


Being a copy of the books’ copyrighted images, her drawing is probably forbidden by the contest rules.  But I hope the judges will neither know nor care!