Parsha Poem: Yisro / Yitro / יִתְרוֹ

שְׁמוֹת / shemos / shemot / Exodus 18:1-20:23

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All images from Chabad’s Rebbetzin Riddle Jewish stories page!

image At Har Sinai we gathered in hot desert sand,

Watched gathering clouds and heard thunder so grand.

Out of the lightning and crashing and clamour,

Hashem’s message struck, a magnificent hammer.

Ten special requests from Hashem on that hill,

Ten important mitzvos that we all remember still:


I am Hashem,” who always keeps His word,

Took us from Mitzrayim, as free as a bird!

Nothing is more important than Me,

No matter what signs or wonders you see

My name is so special, always use it well,

Speak words of holiness wherever you dwell.

Have Shabbos, My special day, every week

This wonderful rest gives the comfort you seek.

Honour your parents; they teach us with love

That Hashem’s like a parent, guiding above.

Don’t murder or hurt, even just with cruel speech;

Hashem treasures everyone, looks out for each.

Marriage is special, a promise for life,

Just like Matan Torah, for husband and wife.

Don’t steal my things, and I will not take yours;

Our stuff is all private, in cupboards and drawers.

Words are important, so watch what you say,

A lie told in court could make the wrong person pay.

Finally comes jealousy, a very dangerous snare –

Don’t want someone else’s things

(no matter when or where!)

Ten simple rules Hashem gave us, standing by that hill.

Will you keep them all?” He asked -

and we cried out, "we will!"

image image


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