Now open for business!

Yup, the Adventures in MamaLand Cafe Press Store is now open for business!

kosher artistThese are a few designs dredged from the hard drive of old tedTastic artwork that I thought belonged on tacky giftware and didn’t bother consulting with Ted, the Kosher Artist (here he is, hard at work), before setting up shop!

There are five basic designs, which you can find on a bunch of merchandise, ranging from buttons to a magnet to a tote bag.  Visit them here!  If you like them, buy one! 

Yes, I get a small amount of the proceeds.  But think how hard I work to entertain y’all and provide high quality educational guidance, gardening advice and Jewish wisdom.  Is there any other blog that does so much for so little remuneration?

Here are the different images that are currently available:


This one is me, of course, and the big kids back when they were little.  Ted made this as a huge wall-sized painting on canvas to impress me into marrying him.  It worked!  But if you look like me, even a little, or know a Jewy-looking woman with vaguely cartoony-looking glasses and darkish hair or a sheitel, with one or two or more kids who look a little like mine (round heads, geometric bodies, stick arms), buy her this image as buttons and other paraphernalia – even an apron!


I love this design!  Ted did it as a big bright acrylic painting for a local kosher fish store guy, and then the fish store guy’s wife liked it so much she brought it home so nobody gets to see it in the store, which is why Ted did it so cheaply in the first place – free publicity.  So here it is!  Keep it proudly in your kosher kitchen as a magnet or … I don’t remember what else!

mitzvah mentsch

Just a picture of Moshe Rabbeinu – and why not?  Who, if not Moshe, was the ultimate mitzvah mentsch?  If anyone you know needs validation, the ultimate in chizuk, buy them the large mug to jump-start their morning… or the t-shirt to wear as they emerge, dripping, from the mikveh before Shabbos.

 skype bubby

This needed to be said, and luckily, there was a cartoon languishing on the hard drive that was absolutely perfect.  You never call, you never email… have you skyped your Bubby today?  It’s the easiest way to shep nachas across oceans.  Remind everyone around you with a t-shirt, tote bag or stickers to paste near the computer so they’ll feel good and guilty!


No girl design because I couldn’t get her off the phone.  But what a boy!  This little guy’s so generic that if you have a mitzvah boy or know a  mitzvah boy of any age (even a grown-up mitzvah boy!), this image is available on a few different types of shirts and things – even bibs for those beginner mitzvah boys!

Go ahead – enjoy all the designs, check out the merchandise, and let me know what you think!!!  Find the link in the top-left corner of this page or just click here!


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