Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

“Mommy, I am unimpressed…”

“… with this whole snow-painting art class you planned and made me do.  Can I go down and play with my Legos now???”

hebrew 002

I saw similar snow paintings outside the kindergarten of the school where we go sometimes for the drop-in play program.  I thought it would be a cool activity for Naomi.  Especially tonight – we had a major DUMP of snow over Shabbos. 

But anyway, nope.

The “paint” here is shaving cream mixed with glue – apparently a really cool puffy paint, though it takes forever to dry.  She couldn’t have cared less, and I didn’t have the heart to make her stick around and sprinkle the thing with sprinkles or press buttons into it like some people.

I did have fun with GZ, a bit, showing him that he could drag his fork through the paint to make “tracks” in it, like the boy does in The Snowy Day, which we read afterwords. 

imageThe kids were a little more attentive once they’d gotten the Lego play out of their system (the Lego only comes out once a week, on Shabbos), and we had a nice talk over supper about snow words (snow, snowy, snowman, snowball, snowing) and the S words in general throughout that book.  We just have the board book version from the library, but happily, the board book has the full story and all the lovely illustrations.

Never try to pull kids away from doing what they love to anything else if you don’t have to – no matter how cool or fun or new or interesting whatever the OTHER thing is happens to be…