Local (Home)school Resource… and Curriculum Mulling

image I know most of my readers aren’t local, but here’s a plug for a lovely bookstore where I spent a leisurely hour this afternoon:  The Batner Bookstore.

I had to buy some texts for Elisheva’s school there last year, so discovered this terrific store – I’ve been back a few times since.  I believe it’s Jewish-owned, but they carry lots of the curriculum-related material from many of the private schools, including Christian ones.

They have a lot of brand-new 50% and cheap secondhand books and texts, so you can usually find something worthwhile for a great price.  The shop is tiny and the location, in a nondescript plaza near Yonge and Steeles, slightly obscure – I almost drive past it every single time.

image  Got some history stuff for Story of the World next year, including Famous Men of Greece and Famous Men of the Middle Ages (annoying titles to read until you consider that there were few opportunities for women to become famous).

A few more books, including our NEXT Explode the Code book – featuring yet another weirdly drawn cover.  What is it with these books???  Does this boost a kid’s self-esteem, to think that the grown-ups putting together their curriculum can’t draw for beans?  The hand-drawn pictures inside the imagebook are even worse – Naomi often has to call me over to ask what something is supposed to be (“it’s an ANT”).

But you see what I said there?  She has to call me over.  The beauty of these books is that even at a very young age, the repetitive format allows a LOT of independent work.

I’m still wondering how to blend our work in Explode the Code (ETC) with my plan to use Spelling Workout (SW) next year.  Not to mention First Language Lessons – it sure seems like a HUGE emphasis on language… but I understand this is the ideal time for it, so I’m torn.

A blog-world friend has suggested I pick one or the other (ETC or SW)… but there are areas where they really don’t overlap.  Explode the Code is phonics-based; Spelling Workout is context-based and introduces the idea of correct spelling and word lists.

So – as usual – we shall see.  Meanwhile… if you’re in town and looking for homeschool resources (mostly books) check out the store!


  1. Just stopping by to thank you for dropping by my blog! Have you ever looked at All About Spelling?

  2. Well, that was a nostalgia trip... back in the day (erm, that is, middle school) I used to have to buy all my books there.

  3. Cute! In my schools, books just *materialized*. I had never heard of buying a book for school until university - shocked, I was, at what they cost then!!!


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