Get yer Carnival posts in!!!

image In case you hadn’t noticed, tomorrow night is Rosh Chodesh Shevat.  Already – wow!  And that means another Jewish Homeschool Blog Carnival.  The second of Shevat, motzaei Shabbos, is also my anniversary:  seven years, yay!  (And thanks, Marilyn, but I’m not feeling a bit itchy…)

Here’s more information about what kind of posts are welcome (basically, anything!).

Have you got the perfect post?  Submit it here!  Yes, we DO want to read it!!!!


  1. I would enter some posts.. But I'm not too sure any of my posts are eligible or all that interesting lol. Hopefully next time! :)

  2. Of course they are! Hope you do, or maybe I'll just pick something...


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