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Field Trip Planning

As I mentioned, I’ve put together a few field trips this year, and one I’m working on right now is a fire station visit – kind of cool for the younger crowd.  Anyway, because it’s tough juggling 18 families’ preferences about what day and time work best, I have been using spreadsheets to figure the whole thing out.


This spreadsheet lists each family’s preferences in terms of weekday and morning/afternoon.  I haven’t heard back from most parents so far, but the spreadsheet updates itself automatically as I enter each parent’s data. 

So far, Thursday morning is winning:


It only says “yay” if there are more yeses than no’s AND only if it’s a time that my kids can make it.  I’m putting the whole thing together… why shouldn’t the trip happen at a time that’s convenient for us???  For Thursday morning, there are 4 “ok”’s , 1 “NO” and 1 “prefer” – ie it’s one family’s BEST time.

Anyway, just thought somebody would be interested in the logistical and technical juggling behind a seemingly simple field trip.  Nothing’s simple where homeschoolers are involved!

This one doesn’t even track payments (I think the fire department is free):  you should see the Toronto Symphony or Humber Maple trip spreadsheets… oy!