Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Yet another Rainbow order…

It seems like I’m constantly buying homeschool stuff!  I promise, that is NOT the case (but here’s last month’s order, if you’re interested!).  I have been keeping a running wish list at Rainbow Resource, and this is the night I finally sit down and put it all together. 

(I also promise that whatever I spend a drop in the bucket compared to sending two kids to school!!)

Math Stuff – my favourite, always so fun to touch & play!

image image image imageimage image

  • 003103 - Beginning Fractions Book – small cheap set of fraction circles
  • 014565 - Cuisenaire 50-centimeter Rod Track – meant to order this last time, but it was too late, so I made my own
  • 018742 - Student Number Lines w/wipe-off crayon/marker – cheap & helpful (I hope)
  • 031012 - Small Geometric Solids (2 Sets of 8) – the last ones I ordered are multi-coloured and both sets have different colours, which confused Gavriel Zev and made him match them TOTALLY wrong!  :-o  (luckily, these aren’t expensive…)
  • 044806 - Student Number Line 0-100 – for super-big numbers and skip counting/multiplication, which we’ll hopefully need soon!
  • 045878 - Abacus (multi-color beads) – picture above is about actual size – it’s only 20 cm across.  I hope it’s big enough to do the job; otherwise, I’ll maybe get the Melissa & Doug one.

Language Stuff – a close second!

image image image

  • 011904 - 52 Magnetic Wooden Letters – for everybody, for fun, our plastic fridge magnets are grubby and these were <$10 (and much more than that if I bought them locally)
  • 013644 - First Language Lessons Level 1 pb – I have chosen this for next year, but I want to familiarize myself, and maybe start early, if it’s easy.  Everybody either loves this or says it’s dull and repetitious… frankly, Naomi is okay with dull and repetitious, which is what the authors say about her age group, so I’m going to try it out.
  • 019396 - Bob Books Set 4: Complex Words (Color) – the next level in our phonics set, because we will hopefully start Set 3 this week!!!

Pretty no frills batch of stuff… not much to get excited about and anticipate in the mail, except it’s nice to see that we’re making progress, using all the materials, and moving towards the next level in a few things.

Just today, I ended up using a few items from last month’s batch for the first time:  place-value tiles, Geoboard (Naomi grabbed the geoboard as I was bundling up toothpicks to use for place value, as suggested in the Well-Trained Mind – what a fascinating and inexpensive math manipulative!), and GZ’s “Getting Ready to Read” workbook.

Yes, you read that right:  I did a workbook page with Gavriel Zev

Not one, actually, but two, because he was having so much fun.  The pages look like this, with four rows on each page.  The one we did was “spot the different one” where three animals, vehicles, etc., were the same and one was different.  At first, he’d just scribble on the different one, but by the end of two pages (sixteen rows), he was circling them quite capably. 

This will NOT be an everyday thing, but I have created his own little section in our “school” binder to store his work.

image image

(I think this picture looks so much like him!)

Anyway, once again, feeling reckless, I conclude this “shopping spree” by getting to bed before I buy anything else… update on my birthday loot tomorrow!