When Hebrew speakers speak English…

Spotted in a “learn Hebrew body parts” video (fuzzy circle is mine, not on the video):


I’m doing body parts with Naomi – I thought the video might be fun.  Good thing she can’t read much yet or she’d have to un-learn some of her English first!


  1. Oh, there's too much of that sort of thing!

    My daughter taught me last night that all body parts are "rabot" as opposed to "rabbim" - she has a test on yaheed, yeheeda, rabbim, rabot today. She seems to know her stuff.

  2. Awesome! :-)

    Also, "x" as a way to show the Hebrew "chet" is a bit, um, unusual, to say the least...

  3. @Leora - Actually, not all body parts are feminine - just many of them. For instance, santair (chin), berech (knee) and marpeik (elbow) are all masculine.


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