We Must Obey the (Chanukah) Duck

This has absolutely nothing to do with Chanukah, but we have these electronic singing toys that come out once a year. 

The kids are absolutely crazy in love with this duck – a gift from their aunt in Ottawa, I believe – and will do whatever it tells them to do.  My only solace is that it’s only eight days… and then it goes back into the cupboard beneath the stairs for the next 357 days.


  1. I'm curious how you've convinced your kids that this is a Hanukka thing and that you need to put it away once Hanukka is done. I am highly impressed with your skills! ;)

  2. We have another automated Singing Thing called Latke Larry. He sings a very obnoxious latke song, but it's obvious that he belongs in the Chanukah box. Last year, when the duck arrived at this time of year, I made the logical connection and just decided everything else that sings could go away, too. We used to have a singing dancing dolly that terrified Gavriel Zev, but we gave it away to friends.

    Plus, it helps that my kids know that I am arbitrary and cruel and Not To Be Negotiated With. ;-)

  3. Love the logic! And it's good to be forewarned that you're just mean like that. ;p


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