Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Today’s Value Village Find: Homeschool Bargain!

clock 007The littlest things excite me sometimes.  Like this, the perfect educational toy for Naomi’s clock math study…

It’s Tomy’s Tic-Tock Answer Clock, a colourful owl who lets you “cheat” and see the digital time when you press one of his feet (the other foot moves the time ahead in five-minute increments).  I remember these things from my childhood, though this is not a vintage one.

Gavriel Zev spent half an hour this evening jumping the time around and peeking at the eyes moving.  (Naomi Rivka was out with Ted buying more junk for Chanukah)

The owl does nothing – no buttons, no noises – except tell time, but he does that very well, with a sturdy body that balances securely and can take a fall if need be.  I love this owl!  I love that they have been making the same toy, with no annoying electronic add-ons to modernize it, for such a very long time.

We will still use our Judy clock for “serious” clock math (the owl’s hands can’t move less than five minutes), but this is a fun way to round things out and introduce digital time.

Oooooh – and I love the price tag!  I asked the cashier if we could have something off the price because the base has a little spray paint on it and “it’s very dirty” (um, not really… nothing I wouldn’t let my kids play with, but it was worth asking!), and she took it down from $2.99 to $1.99.  Yaay!!!

  clock 008