Thursday, December 09, 2010

Selling It… (Chanukah candles edition)

Consumer Reports magazine (which I enjoy immensely) always includes a back-page feature called Selling It, with funny scams and the occasional Black Hole Award for products which are way overpackaged… like these cheap Made in China candles somebody suckered us into buying.  (Yes, from now on, we’re buying Israeli!!!)

Sure, the box says it holds 45 candles - enough for every night of Chanukah.  The thickness of the box and the clear front implies that these will be sturdy, high-quality candles. 

candles 007candles 006

However, opening the box (proudly labeled Made in China) reveals 45 woefully slender candles, just a bit thicker than "birthday-grade" - and four sheets of foam padding to fill up the box.

  candles 005

Somewhere in China, somebody is laughing diabolically…