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Parshas Shemot/Shemos Free Printable Activity Pack

Five pages, five activities, for Parshas Shemot/Shemos (but be warned:  we are Ashkenazi, and the file only says “Shemos”!)  Download it here

TROUBLE DOWNLOADING from Google Docs?  See this post for possible helpfulness.  And if it doesn’t work, please tell me what you DO see, not just what you CAN’T see.  :-)

As always, if you use it, I’d love it if you leave a comment to let me know who you are!  Here’s what’s inside:

imageMaze: Help פרעה’s daughter find baby משה.

Mapwork – Moshe’s journey to Midyan.

Baby משה and מרים coffee-filter craft.

Burning Bush hand “tree” of fire

Copywork – single passuk with easy English translation.


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