Homeschool Diary #8: 7 Teves, 5771 – post-Chanukah Edition


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Other “weekly challenges” that may or may not interest you:

Again, I missed a week … oy, vey.  It’s tough enough keeping up with the homeschooling!


  • Hebrew reading/writing:  Kriyah v’Od
  • Monday math:  Clocks & Miquon
  • Playdate


  • My last aerobics class
  • NEW!  All About Me:  post-Chanukah Lapbook in progress
  • Began Vayechi parsha narrative
  • Parsha craft - Switching Hands, see below
  • Reading:  One old, one new BOB Book (last one from Set 2!)
  • Reading:  Dick & Jane, 2 “chapters”
  • Chapter book:  On the Banks of Plum Creek


  • Handwriting without Tears w/ rice writing & sensory cards
  • Phonics:  Explode the Code
  • Starfall book/site as a reward (GZ is loving it these days!)
  • Parsha copywork:  HaMalach HaGoel
  • All About Me:  post-Chanukah Lapbook in progress (continue)
  • Toboggan Playdate (ick, I hate the outdoors right now)
  • Chapter book:  On the Banks of Plum Creek


  • Thursday math:  Rods/Miquon Math – introduce concept (what?)
  • Naomi chooses a worksheet
  • Parsha sequencing (see below)
  • Reading:  One old, one new BOB Book (let GZ choose one for Naomi to read to him!)
  • Reading:  Dick & Jane, 2 “chapters”
  • Chapter book:  On the Banks of Plum Creek
  • This looks like a “light” day – I may try to cram in more… :-)


  • Final Parsha review
  • Parsha Narration & illustration
  • Gdcast parsha video (reward for the narration)

Parsha Craft and Activities:

Found on – download the picture of the boys there or just draw your own.  So many of our crafts are 2-dimensional these days… I really must get a bit more creative.  But this was a pretty quick and easy one that demonstrates how Yaakov switched his hands when he was blessing Ephraim and Menashe.

handsproject 002

I mounted everything on cereal-box cardboard to give it a bit more heft so the kids can actually play with it.  Naomi loved this because she adores any craft that uses what I call “brads” – our golden “butterfly”-style paper fasteners.  I bought one box last year and I predict that unless I let her at it, it will last forever.

If I were doing this over again, I’d position the pictures of the boys a bit lower so Naomi Rivka’s giant hands didn’t cover them up quite so much.

While we’re looking at parsha activities, I also made up a set of sequencing cards for Bereishis (Genesis) – the entire book, one card for each of the 12 parshiyos.  Find it on this page.


So what’s your Jewish homeschool family doing to shake up the “no-more-holidays ‘till Tu b’Shvat” blahs????


  1. We have our annual family friendly New Year party on New Years Eve! Fun times!!

  2. We've been very busy in the snow...building igloos and such!


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