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Homeschool Chanukah Fun!

projects 001 PDF Printable for this activity is here

This morning, I decided this sheet would be more fun if it was a cut n’ paste activity, with each bear getting a “room” in their house.

Gavriel Zev loved it!  He was a bit perplexed at first about which bear got which items, so I backed up a bit.  First, we made a menorah parade:  smallest to largest.  Then, we made a dreidel parade:  largest to smallest.  Finally, when all the items were arranged in order, I had each member of the family “ask” for their thing, with Papa Bear demanding the biggest of everything – of course.

projects 003projects 004

Naomi Rivka was so fascinated that she had to get in on the action.  I was going to have her draw lines on her sheet from each bear to his/her objects, but she really wanted to make a house, too.  She decorated her house a bit when she was done.

Here are the two houses, side by side, all ready for Chanukah!

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