Happy Chanukah! (Song Book)

Ted asked me to print more copies of our 6-page family blessings-and-songbook for Chanukah, and I figured while I was at it, I’d make a PDF as well so I could email it to my mother as well as upload it for anybody who doesn’t have one. 

I also updated it a little – the last version was from 2001, celebrating my Nanny’s 90th birthday.  :-o

Plus, this version uses all-Sefardi pronunciations.  That ought to make my family happy.

Download it here or click on the image below:


Table of Contents:

Blessings/Brachot We Can Pray Together

  • Blessing #1: For the Opportunity to Light
  • Blessing #2: For the Miracles.
  • Blessing #3: For Life, Health, and the Festive Season (first time lighting only)
  • Ha-Neirot Hallelu
  • Ma-Oz Tsur

Holiday Songs We Can Sing Together

  1. 1. Sevivon - Dreidel
  2. 2. Chanukah Chag Yafeh
  3. 3. Oy Chanukah.
  4. 5. Banu Choshech.
  5. 4. Mi Yimalel - Who Can Retell
  6. 5. Lichvod Chanukah - In Honour of Chanukah.
  7. 6. The Over-and-Over Dreidel Song.



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