Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Fun Fast Easy Gift Idea

cookies 028It’s December already, and Jewish calendars come out in September.  Do you know somebody who doesn’t have one yet?  Do you have one sitting around that you don’t need?

Well, we did!  We got one from Elisheva’s old school, and I promised it months ago to my sister Sara, but we both kept forgetting, and finally, on Friday, after almost missing Chanukah because she didn’t have one, she asked for it again.  I told her I’d probably thrown it away, but after Shabbos, I found it (it was on the desk all along – doh!).

But instead of just handing it to her, we spent about an hour or so last night dolling it up a bit… covering over the ads with construction paper and a hand-drawn illustration to go with the month.

Here’s what we came up with (click images to see larger size):

Kislev/Chanukah – Naomi Rivka

cookies 019

Teves/Shvat – Gavriel Zev (no theme)

 cookies 020

Adar/Purim – Ted

 cookies 021

Nissan/Pesach – YM

 cookies 022

Iyar – Naomi Rivka (no theme, pic of Sara Imeinu)

 cookies 023

Sivan/Shavuos – Elisheva Chaya

 cookies 024

Tammuz – Me (summertime theme)

 cookies 025 

Av/Tisha b’Av – Elisheva Chaya

cookies 026 

Elul/Tishrei/Rosh Hashanah - Me

cookies 027

Boy, was I ever happy we didn’t have to do every single month of the year.  If she thinks she’s getting another calendar from us next year… well, maybe.  It wasn’t THAT hard and it was certainly a most appreciated gift item that cost us next to nothing except our own time and love.