Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Crazy Goyim and their Fruit

glace 002On a lighter note… in a thoughtful effort to “beshine” (as my father would say) my born-goyish husband, I thought I’d make a fruitcake.  I know it’s late, because fruitcake needs to sit for weeks and weeks and soak in brandy. 

Nevertheless.  I asked him to buy a tub of the mixed-dried-fruit they sell in the baking aisle; you know, cherries and stuff.  So he did, and I picked it up and looked to see what kinds of fruits are in it…

You’ll never guess what the #1 “fruit” in this mixture of “mixed glace fruit” is…

glace 001s

Yuck!  So now I have a conundrum:  find an easy recipe (mincemeat here) and make a cake anyway, and try to forget what’s in it?  Or pass it along to some sucker on Freecycle – without mentioning the main ingredient?

Ew… I can’t stop thinking about this… and really don’t know what to do!

(p.s.  There is NOTHING derogatory about the word goy – the word is very commonly used in the Tanach to describe bnei Yisrael, so yes, it’s true – I, too, am a goy.  All of which doesn’t negate the fact that there is nothing more goyish than a fruitcake!)