What’s that on his HEAD???

Just browsing Crayola.com for Chanukah printables when I noticed this printable colouring picture:


What is this all about?  Is it a man wearing a tichel?  Or has he just tossed a damp dishtowel over himself, lest his proud Jewfro catch fire?

Needless to say, I’ve kvetched to the powers that be:

Just looking through your Chanukah resources, and I'm wondering - in this picture, what is on the person's head?  I thought at first it was a Biblical person, but I don't think so.  I have been Jewish for 40 years and have never seen somebody wear one of these to light Chanukah candles!
Thought you might want to fix it - or let me know what it's all about.  :-)

imageI don’t have much hope of fixing anything much at their end… I mean, take a look at this “hanging dreidel decoration,” from the same site.  Notice anything missing…?

(Hint:  like the letters nun and gimel…?  They’ve obviously just tilted the same dreidel to and fro and proclaimed it a nod to December jollity, Jewish-style)


  1. lest his proud Jewfro catch fire
    LOL! :-)

    That dreidel decoration reminds me of Shmuel Kunda's wonderful "The Incredible Dreidel of Feitel Von Zeidel". [Our copy is so old that it's on an audio cassette. Needless to say, it predates our aliyah by a few years... :-) ]
    Anyway, the eponymous dreidel of the title has Gimmel on all four sides...


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