Weird handmade homeschool-kid graph…

DSC08424While I dozed sickily on the sofa this morning, Naomi put together her own take on the fridge-magnet graphing exercise we did two weeks ago (Tuesday morning). 

She used every fridge magnet in the house, and, when I got up, insisted I fill in the graph in “rainbow order,” which is a very big thing around here these days.  (the “pink” at the far left was really red crayon)

I’ve written numbers above three of the columns so you can see how this “lesson” completely defeated the purpose of graphing and data management.

Where graphing is supposed to teach you how easy it is to access and compare information in a straightforward visual form, Naomi’s approach manages to prove that the nine purple fridge magnets are in some way “smaller” than the eight green fridge magnets.

(at least the two “11” columns are identical in height!)

Then she brought the little Barbie fridge magnet and I traced it in pink (of course) in the far-right column, which got her off on a tangent of tracing & drawing Barbies, so no more graphing… thank goodness for the world of math!

p.s.  Yes, I know all the numbers are reversed:  exquisitely, marvellously, perfectly, backwards.  No, I didn’t flip the photo… all her numbers are backwards these days.  See this post for more on our current break from “handwriting math.”


  1. Gabbie writes her numbers backwards too, but these are really beautiful backwards numbers!


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