Shabbos Menu & contest reminder

imageYou still have two more days to win a copy of this cookbook in my Cooking Disaster Contest!!!   Share your worst cooking mishap, even from long ago, and this book could come to your rescue!

Of course, my review isn’t coming out until next week, so I won’t tell you whether it’s good or not, but who doesn’t want a new cookbook with a hip audiophile lemon on the cover???

(I told the kids it was an esrog)

Dinner (Mommy, J’s & Aunt D):

  • Fabulous challah – I hope!
  • Chicken soup w/kneidlach
  • Onion Chicken (kosher by design)
  • Spicy carrot sticks (kosher by design)
  • Oven-Baked Spring Rolls
  • Corn (plain, not from a cookbook)
  • Chocolate Chiffon Piebut in a graham crust chocolate-cookie crust!
  • Honey Cookies (kosher by design – I wanted to make the chocolate chip sticks but didn’t want 2 chocolate desserts)


  • No cholent!
  • YM:  gnocchi salad (Kosher by Design – oy, I can’t believe how much basil this needs)
  • Ted:  pineapple salmon (Kosher by Design)
  • Elisheva:  modern Israeli salad (Kosher by Design)
  • Jello + custard – comfort foooood!
  • Desserts from night


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