Parsha Poem: Vayishlach / וַיִּשְׁלַח

בראשית / Bereishit / Bereishis / Genesis 32:4-36:43

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image We know that Yaakov was wise above allimage

When his brother Eisav was coming to call

He did all he could,

And it all turned out good,

For his family survived, didn’t fall.

In Vayishlach, this week’s Torah reading,

Three lessons we ought to be heeding

Three steps Yaakov took,

So let’s take a good look

At this lesson we all could be needing.


 Vayishlach means Yaakov sent out a crew

To tell Eisav “I’m coming back to see you,”

But they said “Eisav’s strong,

With an army along.”

Marching with hundreds of soldiers; it’s true.

image Yaakov knew first he had to get ready

Plan a strategy sturdy and steady

He split up his camp

Like a smart army champ

So he knew they’d be safer already.

 But a second plan’s much more secure

So to show he was rich and mature

He sent Eisav some goats

To win over his votes

And his family’s own safety imageensure.

Finally, lastly, as Yaakov knew well,

We’re only safe when Hashem comes to dwell.

Please save me, he cried,

And my children please guide,

Like Avraham, we’ll listen and never rebel.

And it worked!  Yaakov’s  wishes all came about,

Eisav came with a hug: a kiss, not a shout,

But which of the three

Led to victory -

imageIs the thing that you’re asking, no doubt.

Did the prayer or gifts or his planning for war

Win Yaakov his peace and love and much more?

Which one of the three?

Just please don’t ask me;

That’s a question you’ll just have to go and explore…!


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