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New Months / Chodshei HaShanah board

Our old system of organizing the months was not working, so I read about a bulletin board concept that is very similar to the Book of Centuries timeline idea, on a smaller scale. 

You start out with basically a blank board, fill in some big days like yamim tovim and birthdays, and then help the children fill in their impressions and observations of each month as it comes along.  Things like weather, major outings, other birthdays or events (big family events) as they come up. 

I plan to use mostly graphics to add these things:  a raincloud for Cheshvan, for instance, and an airplane for the big kids’ annual trip to Calgary.

By the end of the year, you have a child’s-eye view of the entire calendar, and kids will (hopefully) have a better idea of the flow of time over the course of the entire year.

Labels for the months are in the top-right corner of each square (taken from here and here, which are the same images that we had in our “wall of months” but printed 4-up) (as before, I painted the images with watercolours).  Photos of birthday people (immediate family only) in the bottom-left.


My only question is where we’re going to hang this thing.  It has to be visible but out of the way, hung securely so it won’t come down under its own weight, oh, and low enough that we can add to each month as we go along… otherwise, I’m thrilled with how it’s turned out!