Miscellaneous Homeschool Printables

Here’s the spot where I plan to post all the printables that don’t fit on either of the other two printable pages I already have going.  Not much so far, but it may grow…

Homeschool Helps

Binder insert subject dividers.  Since I did this collage, I also included History/Geography (a single binder) and Chumash.  There is also one marked “Gavriel Zev.”  Just don’t print that one if you use this.  ;-)


And then, there are my other two categories:

Hope they’re all helpful to somebody…!

Twaddley Stuff My Kids Like

Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head Cut-Outs – 3 pages include Potato shape, plus facial and body parts for either Mr. or the Mrs.  Scavenged from various sources around the Internet; apologies if I’ve inadvertently stolen your graphics.


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