Menu Plan Monday #33: 22 Kislev, 5771 (Chanukah Edition)

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Hi!  We are a Jewish family of 6 (2 parents, 4 kids) and all our meals are kosher.

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Last week was pretty bad, mealwise, with not one but TWO pretty major crash-n-burn episodes.  Not literally burn, or crash, but it always feels like a massive failure when I cannot get supper on the table by 6:15ish.  On Tuesday, I wasn’t feeling well and Ted was home, so we ordered pizza, for a change.  And then on Thursday, the sourdough cornbread turned out very, VERY badly.  Nothing much we could do except eat it, but nobody has touched the leftovers.  Sheesh – I just realized; what a terrible week in bread.

Perhaps to help with the burnout, Ted seems to have stepped up as the Shabbos menu-planner.  I don’t mind – he either preps everything himself or at least tells me what to cook.  I love leaving my brain out of it entirely.  Maybe I’ll have him post his Shabbos meal plans directly on here.  He usually plans it out on Wednesday before he goes shopping… so organized!

Anyway, for this week in family meals, I’m aiming low.  Low, low, low… here we go!

Sunday (last night, Mommy & Abigail here):  CORN FRITTERS (My mother complained through the whole meal that they were NOT her mother’s corn fritters, though I’d never claimed they were.  I make mine with beer batter and they are utterly savoury and delightful.)… leftover Pumpkin Black-Bean soup from last Thursday, spread farther with extra frozen pumpkin, cider and curry powder… plus Susie Fishbein’s Spicy Carrot Sticks.  Yum!

Monday (tonight, Ted late):  Ted “made” supper – perogies, fish of some sort, and frozen peas (thawed and cooked, of course)

Tuesday: Pasta with fake-crab alfredo sauce – YM has spoken!

image Wednesday (Chanukah):  Traditional latkes, of course!!!  Maybe with chicken wings?  Or is that too weird a combination, or too much fried-type stuff (I do the wings in the oven, so maybe it’s okay)… I am craving chicken wings, though!

Thursday (Vegan Vursday, still Chanukah):   Pumpkin latkes plus… what…?  Soup?

Friday (still more Chanukah, sheesh):  I have no clue what to eat, as always.


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