Monday, November 08, 2010

Just say “NO!” to committment

“Committed.” It’s the ultimate weasel word. Are you doing something or not…? If you’re committed, you don’t have to take a stand one way or another. “Committed to” is the limbo in between where you don’t have to actually… well, commit; just think happy thoughts about something or other.

fairday 031s

In the case of this particular elevator, it’s either getting things going in the right direction or it’s not. I think it IS an improvement. I think the subway platform will definitely be more accessible with an elevator.

I wish I’d had a spray can with me, but – chicken that I am – I must content myself with digitally vandalizing the poster once I got home.

(yes, here in Canada, “committment” IS the proper spelling… despite my spell-checker helpfully underlining the word)

Oops – apparently, I have already ranted here about the word committment, in the context, kind of, of Ikea furniture. Feel free to read that post, too!