Homeschool Diary #6: 4 Kislev, 5771


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I should just begin every single one of these posts with “I’m sick. It’s noon on Thursday. I’m sorry this is late.” But I won’t – starting next week! So here’s a retrospective on what a friend just referred to as our “unschooling week.” I think “not-schooling” is more accurate… and not to be confused with not learning!


image Monday:

  • Morning: Field trip!!!
    • Davening
    • Skipped swimming to go to the…
    • Royal Winter Fair (with our family friend, Judy)
  • Evening
    • Forgot about ballet class – oops!
    • Science: Watched 20 minutes of “Echo of the Elephants”
    • Continued Charlotte’s Web


  • Morning
    • My aerobics class
    • Grocery store, rush home, got ready for…
  • Afternoon
    • My mother stayed with the kids, I went to a funeral
  • Evening
    • Science: Watched 20 minutes of “Echo of the Elephants”
    • Continued Charlotte’s Web (almost done!)

image Wednesday:

  • Morning: Field trip to the…
    • Toronto Zoo! The kids brought a friend who’s sort of halfway between their ages – perfect!
  • Evening
    • Shiva call right after supper; abandoned children to watch Shalom Sesame, “Avigile & Friends”

Thursday (Ted late):

  • Morning
    • Me sick! (again! as always!)
    • Ted with kids to library
    • Elephants Map activity
  • Afternoon
    • imageElephant TP-roll craft
    • Math: Miquon Orange & rods (maybe)
    • Parsha reading and narrative/overview
  • Evening (Ted @ work, so no aerobics, no library)
    • Reading practice (one old, one new Bob Book)
    • Phonics: Explode the Code
    • Handwriting Without Tears: Letters and Numbers for Me
    • Starfall books for both kids (reward for previous 3 activities)

Friday – oy, Shabbos starts at 4:37!!!!

  • Morning
    • BRCD Sign with Young Children – last class (I know I said that last week, but this time, I really mean it!)
  • Afternoon
    • Elephant Differences worksheet
    • Parsha Review
    • Parsha Narration & illustration
    • Gdcast parsha video (reward for narration)

So, nu…? What’s YOUR Jewish homeschool family up to this week???

Resources we’re enjoying this week (mostly videos!):

image image image image

My own homemade printables:




  1. Thanks for the great ideas on homeschooling. It is fun to seen what other families are doing.


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