Monday, November 29, 2010

Hebrew Kids’ Book We Like: Chanan Haganan – חנן הגנן

imageLast thing before I turn in – I forgot to put in a plug for our current Hebrew book (in addition to the Hebrew Mr. Brown can Moo!)

It’s called חנן הגנן/Chanan HaGanan, and it’s a very cute story by רינת הופר/Rinat Hoffer/Hopper?  (I have no idea, really!)

The rhymes are so catchy I quickly found a way to sing the refrain of the book and the message of this story is wonderful. 

Chanan sells his fruits to five children, promising a treasure inside every one.  The kids eat the fruit, but complain that all they see is the pit.  He tells them gently that the pit IS the treasure.  One by one, they plant their seeds, and five wonderful trees spring up, each one bearing fruit, and each fruit carrying its own treasure.

imageA great story for Tu b’Shvat or any old time.  The vocabulary is not very challenging, and it introduces good vocabulary like אילן, עץ ,פעמון ,גן, and, of course, many exotic fruit-names!  We have never tried most of the fruits, including persimmon, guava, dates (fresh).

The tree pictures are so silly; both kids love sitting and staring at them and finding the not-tree objects growing in them:  an egg, a boot, a pretzel, a key.

This is our second Hoffer/Hopper book; the first was Ayelet Metayelet, which was also a fun read with the same addictive rhymes.

Oh, wow.  I just discovered this YouTube video where you can hear the story read as a class of kids acts it out – no wonder that kid has a cast on his arm, the teacher is letting him climb up a folding table!  OMG, my kids will love this video!!!  It’s adorable!

Just thought I’d share this…