Fw: OFFER: Box of Xmas Tree Decorations (Eglinton W Subway)

Just posted to Freecycle... don't ask.  What a terrible day this has been, but at the very least, a random stranger didn't pull up in the driveway and drop off a box of Xmas decorations - today, that is.
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Sent: Thursday, November 25, 2010 10:11 PM
Subject: OFFER: Box of Xmas Tree Decorations (Eglinton W Subway)

We are near Eglinton W subway - south of Eglinton, between Bathurst & Dufferin. 
Please let me know in your reply when you'd like to pick up - almost anytime is good, as porch pickup is available for most items.
OFFERING a box of assorted Xmas tree decorations, ornaments and lights.  I haven't looked in the box but my husband says they're really very nice ornaments, barely used.  He says the colour scheme is mostly white and red, mostly balls with patterns, with a santa thing that goes on the top... but again, I haven't looked.
The box is medium-sized - bulky, but not heavy, so a car may be desirable.
If interested, please let me know when you'd be able to pick up, preferably before the end of this weekend.
Porch pickup is a possibility, so almost any time is good.  I can't reply to any email that doesn't tell me when you plan to come get the box.
Thanks & happy happy Freecycling!


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