Chanukah Copywork & Activities

Here’s the lapbook we made for Chanukah!

More Chanukah resources we are enjoying this year:

Sevivon (Hebrew dreidel song) copywork and simple vocabulary:


Here’s a Chanukah-related math/sizing page, for slightly younger kids:


Chanukah Bears Menorahs & Dreidels Sizing

Here are two items that may come in handy if you’re creating a Chanukah lapbook:


Chanukah Candlelighting blessings and sevivon/dreidel:  Israel vs outside of Israel (dreidels have different letters depending on where they’re made)

Nothing too elaborate, but here is a VERY small copywork exercise with a few Chanukah-related activities.  Click here or on the image below for printable PDF.


As always, I hope this is helpful to somebody! 

(hint:  cyberspace is a lonely place…leave a comment to say “hi” if you do download it!)

Now I hope you’ll excuse me as I make this page more search-engine friendly by listing every possible spelling of Chanukah!

Chanukah חנוכה כסלו כ”ה דצמבר ענגלית עברית Hanukkah חנוכה Hanuka חנוכה Hanukkah… can you think of any others???  :-)))

Ooh – I just found this great list of alternate spellings!!!

Hanukkah : 8,470,000 hits.
Chanukah : 3,390,000 hits.
Hanukah : 862,000 hits.
Hannukah : 677,000 hits.
Chanuka : 335,000 hits.
Chanukkah : 274,000 hits.
Hanuka : 192,000 hits.
Channukah : 128,000 hits.
Chanukka : 116,000 hits.*
Hanukka : 86,300 hits.
Hannuka : 51,400 hits.
Hannukkah : 37,300 hits.
Channuka : 33,600 hits.
Xanuka : 992 hits.
Hannukka : 686 hits.
Channukkah : 508 hits.
Channukka : 489 hits.*
Chanuqa : 25 hits.

Happy Xanuqa to one and all!!!


  1. You really ought to be selling these. You're obviously doing a lot of work to produce them...

  2. a) it's not THAT much work to throw a bunch of dreidels on a page...
    b) I can't find many good printables, so if I don't make something, my kids get nothing.
    c) if I charge money, I probably couldn't steal clip art as shamelessly as I currently do.
    d) where's your spirit of holiday giving? Grinch! ;-)

  3. They look fantastic. I would love to see them larger but the googledoc links do not work for me. What am I doing wrong?

  4. Hi Jennifer.

    Can't get the google docs pages to open properly. Can you email me the pdfs?



  5. Hi Jennifer,
    These look amazing. I can't get the google docs Bereshis sequencing- and also I was looking ahead at Google doc for Hanukkah and also it was asking for permission. Could you please give me Google doc permission (did you get an email about that?) or email the documents to me?
    You are clearly very talented!
    Morah Beth


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