Friday, November 26, 2010

Can anyone explain this?

image Next week, December 3rd, is the earliest Shabbos, tied with the following week, December 10th.  It starts at 4:23 both weeks, and then begins to get later.

So what I ask every single year – yes, I really am that tedious – is why the earliest Shabbos does not coincide at all with the solstice – the shortest DAY of the year.  It always seems to come earlier, despite the fact that one would think candlelighting time is somewhat intimately married to day length.  No?

Seriously – please leave your best guess in the Comments section, because I am totally stumped. 

Of course, anytime I’m feeling sorry for myself, I look at candlelighting times for Yerushalayim… where today it happens at 3:56 pm.  That’s because they light 40-minutes before Shkiah (as I understand it, the moment the sun drops over the horizon), whereas outside of Yerushalayim, most people light 18 minutes before.

Still, I guess that’s the trade-off for a holy Shabbos experience like no other. 

But again, any clues about the daylength and candlelighting thing, please leave them below!!!