Found on the website of a Jewish arts centre here in town…

Looks okay, right?  What could be wrong with a Family Fun Festival?  Just the reference to “special activities for the holidays.”  Look at the date!  By December 12, Chanukah will have been over for four days… so what holidays, exactly, are they referring to???


Argh!  Sometimes, even Jews just don’t get it…

They’ve told me they’re re-evaluating the program and will update the promotional materials when they have a better grip on what the concept will be.


  1. This is so funny! But now that I stopped laughing I think it's sad. Who are the Kofflers?

  2. Actually, my daughter's school is also having a Chanukah party on that day. I think that most people want to spend the sunday of Chanukah with family and friends.

  3. @Frayda - good point... however, I think most schools & organizations do their thing BEFORE Chanukah in that case. (having worked to organize such things in past). This year, however, since it's kind of sneaking up on us, maybe excusable... :-)
    @Risa - big local retailing & philanthropic family, but I don't think this reflects on them in any way... just an organization that has quickly degenerated into stupidity.


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