Wanted: Have you Seen this Book?

imageWell… not THIS book exactly.

The Hebrew version of this book, The Usborne Book of Everyday Words.  Our local public library had it a while ago, but now I haven’t seen in a long time.

These are great books, illustrated with hundreds of lively clay illustrations by Jo Litchfield.  The words are organized not alphabetically but by theme:  at home, in the city, at the beach, in the kitchen, basement workshop, birthday party, etc.  (I’m guessing at these from memory!)

I did buy a set of Hebrew flashcards with many of the same illustrations, but there are only 100, many of which are just colours, so they’re not going to be too helpful.

I like how on each page of the Everyday Words books, like in this “bedroom” spread, there are a number of objects that need to be found.  In the picture below, the instruction says to find four spiders.  (I seem to remember having to find SIX spiders in the Hebrew version!)

The book is especially wonderful because it’s entirely self-explanatory, even though there is no English visible on the page.  Although it says it’s for kids, I can imagine myself using it again and again (in private, at home, to look things up ahead of time that I might need to say in public – I wouldn’t bring it with me!)

If you have seen this book… if you have any clue where to get it… please do let me know.  And if you spot it and want your kids to learn Hebrew, grab it for them; they’ll love it! image


  1. I just checked it out (I'd love to get one myself) - you can find it used on Amazon and also at Usborne.com

  2. Really??? In Hebrew? I thought I'd totally checked! Link, please?

  3. Okay, checked again and the Usborne site totally doesn't have it. Perhaps you're looking at the flashcards? If you do have a link, I want it!

  4. have you asked a usborne rep? i can't find it either.

  5. Sorry, I should have included links! I am pretty sure that these are not the flashcards - but if I'm mistaken, I'm really sorry. I wish I could find them here in Israel! (No amazon marketplace here, and Usborne won't ship here)




  6. Waah! Same idea, but different book. :-(
    The "First 1000 Words" books don't look BAD; they're also organized thematically... but I really do love the clay illustrations of this one.
    @Phyllis: I have contacted Usborne directly; perhaps they will have some insights for me.

  7. What?!?! It's not the same?! Wow, I was completely fooled!

    Sorry to get your hopes up..! I'm so confused...

  8. I bought this book in Hillcrest Mall - store called My Gifted Child. You may want to give them a call and see if they have more.


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