Ted’s Meaty Shabbos Menu

All meat, all the time…

Dinner (Sara?)

Lunch (Judy?)

  • Challah
  • Turkey pastries
  • Sliced meats w/bread
  • Cholent
  • Lettuce & tomato salad
  • Pickles (– he wrote pickles on the menu????)
  • I MUST make some other kind of veg…


  • Ted-made Apple Pie
  • YM-made brownie-mix brownies w/white choco chips
  • Ted-made ginger cookies

    Okay, I really MUST get up and do something.  The challah is made, the desserts are made… but that’s about it.

    Oh, yeah, and we are malware-free for the first time since AT LEAST when we went to New York… if not before that.

    * I love my food processor so  much.  But in general, anything that lets me use an appliance makes me happy!  (okay, not laundry)

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