Six Word Saturday: 16 Cheshvan, 5771

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imageI think I will miss French.

It’s easy to think about aliyah in October, with the prospect of a Canadian winter becoming more of a reality day by day. Harder in the heat of August when weather reports from Israel are the sizzlingly dire, “no rain expected ‘till Cheshvan.”

imageBut this afternoon, I reached for a glass and noticed the package of no-name ice cream cones, and instantly registered the word cornets.

I used to think it was ridiculous teaching us vocabulary in French class when our whole lives were basically French vocabulary lists.

When we buy marshmallows, they are also guimauves. Pantyhose? Those are bas-culottes. In Montreal once, I walked into a drug store needing nail trimmers. I shut down my panic-brain and in an instant, realized I already knew what I wanted: coupe-ongles.

imageNow, I couldn’t tell you if any of those things were masculin or feminin. I couldn’t conjugate verbs to go with them and I couldn’t use them in the future or past. But goldarnit, I do happen to have absorbed a ton of French, just from seeing it every single day, on every single product.

And I got just a little teary thinking I wouldn’t see it everywhere anymore.

Yes, there’s Hebrew, I know. But I like French. I really will miss it.

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