Thursday, October 21, 2010

סיגד / Sigd 2010: It’s not too late!

Okay, one of my older kids thinks it’s dorky and/or possibly racist, but I think this is the coolest holiday, and I see no reason Jews of all kinds can’t celebrate.  This particular child disagrees and says that we have no reason to add holidays (he/she) has never heard of.

(the Knesset disagrees with this particular child and added Sigd as an official Israeli holiday two years ago)

I just think it’s super-amazing that there is a holiday in little old Mar-Cheshvan … and like always, I want everybody to agree with me. 

We have a little more than 2 weeks to get ready this year.  Should be plenty of time to plan a delicious Ethiopian meal, crafts, readings, and whatnot!  And I am definitely going to find some way to celebrate all those bright-coloured umbrellas this year; they are utterly beautiful.

To me, the holiday represents both the universal yearning for return alongside the fulfillment of Hashem’s promise, the gathering in of exiles from all corners of the earth.

Some Sigd ideas:

What are your plans?  Will you be celebrating Sigd, or acknowledging it in some way?  Discussing it with your kids?  Is it inauthentic and/or presumptuous and/or racist for Ashkenazim to take on this distinctly Ethiopian custom (as minhag only, with no halachic ramifications)…?

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