Proper Storage of Bagged Grass Seed

DSC08250How to store grass seed:

  • ~ In the bag – check!
  • ~ In a dry place, out of the sun…whoops!

Yup, some moisture got in and the grass seed started to sprout in its bag.

Pulled out this hefty clump of sprouted seed – you can see from the way some has greened up that there was plenty of light getting into the bag, another no-no.

Anyway, I tore the clump up and used the scraps as plugs in some of the more heinous patches of the lawn. 

Don’t know if they’ll take, but I wasn’t going to throw it away.  At the same time, I dug up some of the clovery bits and overseeded with some of the seed that was still good. 

Now I just have to wait and see if we get rain and mild weather to help it all sprout… or dry and frost.  If dry and frost, the seed will simply die on the lawn because there’s no way I’m watering the lawn at this time of year.


I think there’s one more garden-related post coming, so if you hate all things growing, please be my guest and skip it, or try another tag, like Schooling, Foodie or Jew Stuff.


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