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Printable Parsha Sequencing: Chayei Sarah

It’s a little early (at least as far as I’m concerned), but we started talking about Chayei Sarah today, and I went online to print out a sequencing series so we could begin whenever we’re ready. has several I’ve seen for various parshiyos, but I realized that the one for Chayei Sarah only has three steps.  That’s a bit of a rip-off, as far as a sequencing activity is concerned.  (The pictures are nice, though.  Download it from here.)

Wanting something a bit more elaborate, I created my own.  You can download my sequencing activity here.

There are six pictures kids can put in order and match with six “story steps” that you can read to your child or have them read for themselves.  Excerpts are given from pesukim to go with each of the six steps, but they are not all literal translations.  Hebrew is used for proper names even in the English text.


All pictures were adapted from the lovely Chayei Sarah colouring pages on  View and print them here.