Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Oooooh… I hate this!

Out biking downtown tonight I stopped in a (shall we say) store and found the perfect (shall we say) THING for (shall we say) SOMEBODY.  Needless to say, I (shall we say) bought the THING.  But because this somebody occasionally (shall we say) READS this blog, I cannot even mention here what it is. 

Which is too bad because it is perhaps the single most utterly adorable thing I have ever seen.  Okay, if not ever, in a very LONG time.  And I am convinced that it is utterly, completely, and absolutely perfect for the SOMEBODY I have in mind.  Of course, if it turns out not to be, I would gladly take the THING back and own it for myself.

Still:  I sooooo much wish I could say what it is and write about it here imagebut in this case, I completely cannot say a thing.  So there we are.

Just to tease, though, here is a snippet of the THING.  Adorable, right???  If you know what it is, don’t shout it out.  But don’t hold your breath, either…  it might be for you, but then again, it might NOT be!