Oh, bloody… $#!


Well, I won’t say anything rude here, but I sat down to blog rather proudly that we finally, FINALLY finished reading Little House on the Prairie (LHOP). 

But when I looked back through old blog posts to find out when we started, I discovered that we finished the first book, Little House in the Big Woods, on July 21st.

Made a bit of a false start on Book #3, On the Banks of Plum Creek, before starting in earnest on Book #2, LHOP.  And we have been slogging at it ever since.

Which means… well, it means that it has taken us just under THREE #$!%^ MONTHS to read the book.  Interminable, indeed.

And it wasn’t like we neglected it, either.  Sometimes, we only read together a few of times a week, but we did keep at it steadily, as you can see from a couple of past Homeschool Diary entries.

imagePartly, it’s the chapter length.  The LHOP chapters are SOoooo long!  So I don’t like to start unless we have a huge block of time.  Anyway, as of Shabbos, we are DONE at last!

I do want to continue with Little House books, but I felt it was time for a break, so our new chapter book will be Charlotte’s Web.  I must admit, I’ve never really read it cover to cover.  Seen the old-fashioned animated version, but not the new live-action, either.

We’ve already started reading and I’m really liking the fun style (E.B. White wrote the book on writing style, after all!), and also the short chapter lengths.  Last night, I even read two chapters, we were enjoying them so much. 

Nice change of pace, and I think refreshing enough that we’ll be ready for the next Little House book before too long.  Or should we do Anne of Green Gables?  One quality children’s chapter book down, eight hundred bazillion left to go!


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