Now Complete! Jewish Book of Centuries (Charlotte Mason style)

boc1My secret ongoing “spare-time” (ha ha ha) project for the last few weeks: putting together a Book of the Centuries.

A Book of Centuries is like a timeline in a notebook. When you first start it, it’s blank because you create it yourself, literally writing your own book of history as you go along!

These are a staple of a Charlotte Mason education, though Charlotte Mason herself didn’t recommend them until kids were a bit older (Grade 5 or so).

I actually believe it can’t hurt to give even younger children some awareness of how history unfolds. I like the fact that the book is BLANK, or very nearly blank, when you begin learning. As kids’ awareness expands, so does the usefulness of the book.

For instance, reading Little House on the Prairie and listening to Beethoven (this term’s Ambleside Online composer selection), I keep wanting to show the slight overlap in time period between the two: Beethoven was born in 1810; Laura in 1867. Neither would have ever heard of the other – or would they?

Those are just two examples of MANY. Like when we go to Pioneer Village, or learn about Moshe in the parsha. All those things were long, long ago, but I’d like to be able to say, “THIS is how long ago it happened.” Where THIS is either a lot of pages or not very many at all. Beethoven was recent compared to Moshe.

Perhaps this is because I was largely illiterate, historically, growing up, and still have very little innate sense of what happened when. I figure if I’m ever to make a go of teaching my kids history, I need something like this as a crutch.

I did find a couple of lovely templates for Century Books online, including one that provided useful headings for each major era of history.

However, I also wanted to be able to incorporate Jewish dates, which are very important to me – and I believe they should be to my kids as well. Jewish history is our history. I don’t want to isolate Jewish history… I wanted something that could include both.

It turns out there are tons of Christian timeline resources out there, but nothing that incorporates all these elements: blank or nearly blank, Jewish dates, useful headings.

So I designed one and it took a bloody long time, but I’m quite pleased… I think it’s a VERY good resource. I don’t have a laser printer here, or one that prints double-sided, so I had it printed and hole-punched at Kinko’s on higher-quality paper than usual. Not cheap, but I think it’s a reasonable investment into our kids’ education.

I realize there isn’t much call for this sort of thing…very few Jewish homeschoolers out there, and even fewer doing Charlotte Mason homeschooling. But if you’re interested in perhaps starting one for your kids, read on…

First off, I would LOVE to say that I’m giving this book away. Regular readers know I have never charged for anything. But I can’t; this one was a TON of work. Painful, blinding, number-checking work.

But if you’re willing to PayPal me something, say $4 or $5, I will email you the full 97-page Book of Centuries.

NOTE:  I am no longer selling this or my lapbooks on a pay-what-you-can basis… but the good news is that they’re all all available on an instant-download basis from CurrClick.  Buy them instantly here!  And if you like what you bought, please PRETTY PLEASE leave a review.  :-)

(if you are unable to afford the prices on CurrClick, please email me directly)

This printable PDF document includes a 2-page Guide at the end describing how to set up and use your Book of Centuries.

This is NOT a copy of anything else you can find online. I created it from scratch, carefully researching each date and each era. I can’t guarantee that it’s perfect, but I think it’s pretty darn close. Plus, it includes the words HAVE FUN, in an elaborate and super-big font at the end. How can you resist???

More pics below:

boc2 boc3boc5boc4

To buy this and other instant-download products, like lapbooks, click here to visit me on CurrClick.

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  1. this is AWESOME. I'm sure some Jewish homeschoolers are just going to drool over this when they find it!

    Great work! these projects are grueling, but there's a certain pride of accomplishment, and I can sense it in your words!

    thanks so much for making it available, you've made something worthwhile! ;)

    amy in peru

  2. How fun. I have spent this week working on Froggy's book of centuries. I did not do anything as elaborate as yours. I wrote it by hand and put secular years on one page and the Jewish year on the other side. Each entry gets listed with both years.

  3. Wow. I am in awe. Well done! If I ever homeschool, I'll be buying this from you!

  4. This looks wonderful! I'd like to get a copy. To what paypal/email address should I send payment?

  5. I'll be getting one soon. hopefully. It looks to perfect! I love the CM method, but it's so hard to find any resources that aren't created by hard-core fundy X-ians.

  6. I would love to purchase your Jewish Book of Centuries! Do you have an paypal address?

    Thanks so much,

  7. @Ginnie: Jay3fer "at" gmail "dot" com

    Sorry I can't email you directly because you posted anonymously. Hope you see this!

  8. I LOVE it! I would gladly pay for this. Can you please send me a copy?

  9. @msderby: Sure! Just PayPal me at:

    Jay3fer "at" gmail "dot" com

    Sorry I can't email you directly because you posted anonymously. Hope you see this!

    When I get your paypal, I email the book to the email address you paid with. :-)


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