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New Weekly Planner: Google Calendar!

DSC08297I can’t find a picture of the way our “family organization wall” was organized last year, but I have updated the system for this year… and I think it’s going to work pretty well.

Basically, we need something more than a calendar, because we have all these weekly classes and programs to get to that we shouldn’t have to write every single time on the calendar.

A couple of months ago, my sister asked me why I wasn’t using Google Calendar.  So I started using it; I’m very impressionable that way. 

I’ve been putting all our programs, events, activities, days off work, school breaks, dentist appointments, etc., in there, and you can import things like yamim tovim and civic holidays automatically.

DSC08299I did share the calendar with everybody in my family so everybody can go in and look online, but I have also started printing out the calendar, agenda-style, every Sunday night.  My latest idea is that I can also incorporate the menu plan, so everybody knows what we’re eating on which night.

Once printed, I just tape the new weekly plan to the calendar, so now everybody can see at a glance what’s happening on which day!

I’m resigned to the fact that I’ll never be super-organized, but at least things won’t fall apart too badly if we can keep up some type of organization system…

(the only catch in printing things Sunday night is that Elisheva has had a couple of “surprise” Monday dental appointments that sort of snuck up on her)