Naomi’s Week in Science

Diagram of an ant colony.  Text:  “THE QWEN IS LAN HR EGS”


Narration:  “There’s an ant cave and the queen is going to the next room.  She’s going to each door of the rooms.  One of the rooms is a dome so the ants can come out, and outside, there’s a spider so it can eat the ants.  And there is a life cycle.”

(here’s the life cycle)


She KNOWS queen ants don’t wear dresses and crowns… but frankly, that is the most interesting part of it, for her.

And then my lovely homebirthed daughter capped off her diagrams of ants with this illustration of three stages of human gestation:  a human mama near term; then, her doctor (blue dress) is helping her have the baby.  The doctor is also apparently expecting a baby.


In another picture, she drew a great big tower of equipment that a doctor might need to help the mama have her baby.  Where does she get these ideas???

However, I snicker about how cheerful everybody looks in these pictures. 

“I am just so FULL of my baby!” the pregnant one seems to cheer. 

“Look at me, I’m giving birth!” as she reclines cosily on the oddly leggy couch.

“Here’s your baby!” the doctor practically shrieks, waving it around the room.


  1. This is awsome. The preggo and the doc both look familiar! Interesting also that the doctor's pulling out the baby at the head end of the bed...

  2. Yes, what is that called... that psychiatric theory of children's alleviating discomfort by upwardly displacing the "place of birth" to the navel or higher? Is this a thing, or did I make it up?


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