Name this Found-in-the-Garden Mystery Object!

Anyone know what this is? I laughed and laughed when I found it… where I found it. Which is what I’m not saying, but the backdrop is a clue.

Two views:




Guesses, anybody?

p.s. I will offer this object as a prize to anybody who gets it… :-)

p.p.s. The answer has been revealed!!!


  1. I vote for, "the not-so-organic remains of a pair of cotton underpants" found in the compost bin!

  2. hmm... clearly an elastic frame for some piece of clothing, which was apparently made of cotton. Found in the black composter. I guess bra?

    And thanks for teaching me that the elastic doesn't compost well.

  3. @Benk: Close, close...
    @Sara: Hmm. Also close, but it's NOT elastic...

    Think I'll leave this open 'till tomorrow 'cuz some readers might not use their computers on Saturday!

  4. The answer has been revealed!
    See this post for the answer.


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