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My Trees!

This is one of a series of Growing posts, so if you hate all things garden-related, just skip the next few over, or try another tag, like Schooling, Foodie or Jew Stuff.

DSC08239You’d never know I gardened these days… and, to be honest, this summer was so hot and dry, I did find myself avoiding the garden for long stretches.  Bad gardener.

But fall is definitely here, and I know if I don’t start taking care of stuff, Mother Nature will do it for me.

So these are my trees!  That I started from seed!  I am so happy with the way they have thrived this summer!

On the left, a lemon tree, from an ordinary lemon seed, in an ordinary lemon, planted in May of 2009.  It’s just wrapping up its second summer outside and it’s grown tremendously.  No idea where I’m going to put it once it comes in.

Beside it is the mango tree I also started from seed (want to learn how?), also last May.  Doing great, and looking more like a tree than ever.

Seriously, if we make aliyah while they’re still alive, these babies are getting smuggled along in my suitcase…

Part 2, comin’ right up!