Menu Plan Monday #33: 17 Cheshvan, 5771

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We are a Jewish family of 6 (2 parents, 4 kids) and all our meals are kosher.

Newcomers, read my MPM intro here which tells you all about who we are, or just visit my super-duper-list-imization of Everything We Eat.

Wildly fluctuating temperatures (18° today, 10° Thursday) are definitely trending downwards, and as they do, I try to include more soups, stews, chilis and other genres of comfort food.

New!  Contest!

image I’m trying out a new cookbook!  I don’t usually use cookbooks at all – I rely on the Internet, or cook by intuition.  However, I’m not only testing out my review copy of the brand-new Kosher by Design (Teens and Twenty-somethings) but I’m also offering readers a chance to win a free copy of their very own!!!

You don’t have to be Jewish to enter – submit the worst cooking disaster and you’ll win a copy.  Winning copy will be shipped directly from the publisher (worldwide).

Only one recipe from the book this week, but hopefully a bunch more next week so I can post my review by November 10th.

Sunday (last night):  Picked up Mommy from airport, ordered pizza, fries salad.  First time in a long time, which felt good.

Monday (tonight):  Veg chili w/either cornbread or beer bread on top.

Tuesday (Ted off):  Stir-fry peanut sauce (below) on rice stick noodles.

EASY PEANUT SAUCE!  1 cup peanut butter (we had organic chunky, but anything unsweetened works).  1 1/2 cup water.  1/2 cup soy sauce (I used Shoyu); 1/2 cup brown sugar or honey.  Garlic, ginger, chili flakes to taste.  Boil gently in a pot until flavours combine.  In a glass, stir 2 tbsp corn starch with enough water to make a “milky” mixture (slurry).  Pour slurry into boiling sauce and stir until bubbles form and sauce becomes slightly more translucent (won’t be all the way translucent because of the peanut butter).  Vary water/soy sauce ratio to taste.

Wednesday (Ted late):  Chicken Pot Pie (crust recipe) w/frozen chicken

Thursday (Vegan Vursday!):  Falafel Veggie Burgers (p. 132 Kosher by Design, Teens & 20-somethings), in pita, w/techina

Friday:  As always… Dunno!  Baked beans?  I am having a weird impulse to make baked beans from scratch.


  1. Looking for some good meal ideas. Happy Menu planning. Have a great week.

    Nina (Author)


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