Menu Plan Monday #33: 24 Cheshvan, 5771

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We are a Jewish family of 6 (2 parents, 4 kids) and all our meals are kosher.

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We got snow today!!!  Definitely need more o’ that home-comfort food now.  But before summer is officially gone (okay, it IS officially gone…), Ted has requested one last BBQ.

Sunday (tonight):  Ted-made Emergency Potato-Corn Soup at Mommy’s, with Mommy’s Martha Stewart baked macaroni & my Nanaimo Bars (impulse creation).

Monday:  Ground chicken burritos in homemade tortillas (Elisheva’s request for burritos of some sort), rice.  Secretly, these were chicken tacos, but she asked for burritos, so that’s what I called them!

Tuesday (Ted late):  Creamy Broccoli soup – Elisheva’s request, bread? – yes, sweet cinnamon-swirl oat bread.  Delicious, though slightly weird with broccoli.  :-)

Wednesday:  BBQ chicken on skewers – Ted’s request – mmm!  Used Paul Newman Sesame-Ginger dressing as a marinade on boneless thighs, my favourite cut of chicken.  SO tender!!!  With a thick beefy vegetable soup.  I hand-blendered in the (frozen) leftover chicken pot pie mixture from last week to make it extra thick and rich.

Thursday (Vegan Vursday):  Hot and sour soup; stir-fry - noodles?

Friday (Ted off, guests):  Something in a pumpkin?

Done for another week!!!


  1. Looks good. Broccoli soup and cinnamon bread sounds like something we'd end up with at our house, too!

    I often post on the MSM meme, and hadn't noticed you there, so I'm glad to realize I'm not the only kosher menu planner! I've recently switched to monthly meal planning, so I only link up once a month now.


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