Sunday, October 24, 2010

It is Jewish homeschool blog carnival time again!


Have you visited the first Jewish homeschooling blog carnival yet?

I started this hoping to learn about other great homeschool bloggers who happen to be Jewish, or great Jewish bloggers who happen to be homeschoolers.

It seems there aren’t many of us out here.  I’m surprised, because tribe-finding is what cyberspace is all about.  (does anybody still use the word cyberspace?)

But I’m still hopeful that at least a few will come out of the woodwork.  Maybe some who aren’t blogging yet will start so others can read along with their journey.  And maybe some great homeschool bloggers will turn out to be Jewish!

If you are either of the above, or you learn with your kid(s) at home in any way (even if they’re in school some of the time), it counts as homeschooling.  And if you’re Jewish – even if you don’t belong to a synagogue, JCC or other formal organization – you’re welcome to join us.

Submit your best posts here to be included in the Rosh Chodesh Kislev edition, coming up in a couple of weeks.  Or link to your blog in the comments section below.